Tomorrow is Komets Hockey Day – 5/12/2009

Komets logo.

Press release from the City:

Mayor and Commissioners honor the Komets:
Invite Downtown to show up and CELEBRATE!

Mayor Tom Henry, County Commissioners Linda Bloom, Bill Brown and Nelson Peters invite downtown workers to turn out tomorrow after work for a send off for the Turner Cup winning Komets team.  The celebration will be held on the Courthouse Green at the Allen County Courthouse at 5:15 pm.  Following the program, proclamations and time for autographs, the Komets will be transported to the Coliseum via firetrucks and a trolley.

The Komets clinched the Turner Cup for a second year in a row with their victory Friday evening and will be hosting their annual Turner Cup Championship Celebration and Jersey Auction tomorrow at the Coliseum at 6:30 PM. 

Mayor Henry and the Commissioners encourage all downtown workers and residents to join them in wearing orange and congratulating the Komets at 5:15 on the south side of the City County Building.


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