Councilwoman Liz Brown to chair Public Safety Task Force

Councilwoman Liz Brown.  Courtesy photo.

Press release from the City Council:

Local Government takes cue, creates committee
Public Safety Task Force organized based on efficiency group’s recommendations

Fort Wayne City Councilwoman Liz Brown, R at-large, agreed to chair a task force being formed to address recommendations made to city and county elected officials as a means of finding potential efficiencies and collaborations in local governments.

In April, city and county officials and members of the former Local Government Efficiency Study Group (LGESG) met to review recommendations made by the LGESG. A committee to address issues in the Public Safety arena formed quickly with Councilwoman Brown agreeing to the chair, Allen County Commissioners Nelson Peters and Bill Brown, and County Councilwoman Paula Hughes, R-2nd stepping up as committee members.

The group, which has added members in the last couple of weeks, will hold its first meeting on Wednesday, May 13 at 5:30 p.m. in the Omni Room of the City-County Building.

Current roster of committee members include:

  • Liz Brown, chair
    Fort Wayne City Councilwoman
  • Bill Brown, Allen County Commissioner
  • Nelson Peters, Allen County Commissioner
  • Ken Fries, Allen County Sheriff
  • Paula Hughes, Allen County Councilwoman
  • Tim Pape, Fort Wayne City Councilman
  • Marty Bender, Fort Wayne City Councilman
  • Pete Kelly, Fort Wayne Fire Chief
  • Rusty York, Fort Wayne Police Chief
  • Greg Purcell, Fort Wayne Deputy Mayor
  • Bernie Beier, Acting Director Fort Wayne-Allen County Homeland Security
  • Members of Allen County Police Chiefs and Fire Chiefs have been invited.


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