City Works to Reduce Odor at Pollution Control Plant

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Press release from the City of Fort Wayne:

Something’s in the Air:City Works to Reduce Odor at Pollution Control Plant

Each year in both the spring and fall season, our ponds at our Water Pollution Control Plant experience what is called “roll over.” As temperatures warm and cool during the change of season, the water from the bottom of the pond “rolls” to the top of the pond and brings materials and gases to the top of the pond. These gases expel out putting more odor into the air than normal. Many residents in the area are noticing the increased odor.

The amount of wind and its direction can increase or decrease the odor. City Utilities is working to place odor control solutions in place. Steady temperatures will also help the situation.

Projects planned for the federally mandated sewer improvement projects, will help with these odors in the future.

These improvements to the Plant include, increasing the treatment capabilities from 60 million gallons a day to 85 million gallons a day, adding addition basins for storage space, additional cleaning of the ponds, and additional piping that will water to be discharged into the ponds. While, odors will never be completely eliminated, all of these projects will help reduce the amount of odor. Some of these projects are scheduled for the first five years of the 17 year consent decree.

Depending on the wind, residents in a 5-6 mile radius of the plant could notice a smell this week. Some odor will be present through most of the month of May.

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