Bike to Work Day – 5/15/2009

Mayor Tom Henry at Monday’s Phil Keoghan visit.

Press release from the City:

City encourages people to participate in Bike to Work Day, May 15th
Breakfast for bicyclists on the north plaza of the City-County Building

Mayor Tom Henry invites people to become bike commuters for a day as part of national Bike to Work Day May 15.

“The City of Fort Wayne is working to make Fort Wayne more bicycle friendly so I would love to see people forgo their cars for a day and take two wheels to get to work May 15,” Mayor Henry said. “And maybe one day of bicycling to work will become a habit, a habit that advances physical fitness, reduces traffic congestion and improves local air quality.”

The American League of Bicyclists recognizes May as National Bike Month, with a special emphasis on the week of May 11 to 15 as Bike to Work Week and that Friday being Bike to Work Day.

The first 100 bike commuters can stop by the north plaza of the City-County Building from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. for a free bagel, courtesy of The Bagel Station, and coffee courtesy of Starbucks.

Three local bike shops – Summit City Bikes, Bikes and Boards, and Fort Wayne Outfitters & Bike Depot – are offering discounts on bike service in preparation for Bike to Work Day. Customers must ask for the “Bike to Work Day” discount; contact the shop for details.

Drivers should also be aware of a potential increase in cyclists on the road during the morning and afternoon commute.

“If the weather is good, I would expect we could have hundreds of additional bicyclists on the streets going to and from work. I ask drivers to be responsive to an increased presence of bicycles that day and every time they drive,” Mayor Henry said. “We cannot forget that motorists and bicyclists share the road every day.”

Mayor Henry has some recommendations on how to make bike commuting more convenient.

  • Look at a street map to see if there is an alternate route to work that uses less busy streets.
  • Consider using the Rivergreenway or other trails for transportation. Visit or go online to and go to the Parks menu on the left side and click on Rivergreenway to find a map of the Rivergreenway. For a complete map of current and planned trails, visit   Â
  • Drive to a trailhead and bike into work using a multiuse path.
  • Evaluate bike parking options at the workplace, including bike racks, other outdoor structures where a bike can be secured or an indoor storage location.
  • Employers looking to install a bike rack for employees or visitors can download the City’s informational brochure at
  • “Rack & Roll” with Citilink that day. All Citilink buses have bike racks on the front, making it possible to use public transit and a bike for the same trip. For more information about bus bike racks, visit
  • Consider bringing a change of clothes to work. Some employers may want to consider relaxing the dress code for bike commuters that day.
  • Bike with co-workers or neighbors by organizing a predetermined starting point and time.


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  1. Good for Fort Wayne. I think this is a fabulous idea. I bike to work here in Atlanta, GA and love it. Although I do only live 2.1 miles from the office. And I am fortunate enough to not have to wear a suit to the office. Not sure if I were my dad (lives in Fort Wayne) who lives 7.4 miles from the office, and has to wear a suit, would I be able to do it.

  2. I think there was a small movement toward this last year, but it sounds like it’ll be a bit more organized. Last year, I believe it was on Tuesday as Councilman Harper rode his bike to the City Council meeting from out Aboite-way.

  3. I love my bikes, and have been hoping for more bicycle friendly paths through town. However, I’m on the outskirts and would need to throw my bike in the truck and head to town to ride before I would feel at all safe (my options are Lima, Washington Ctr, Hillegas and Goshen). That and the 10 mile trek to work wouldn’t be too pleasant (especially on a 1966 Schwinn Typhoon fixed gear).


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