Harper, Shoaff and Smith: where’s the statements?

The Fort Wayne City Council

Councilman Mitch Harper, during last evening’s Councilperson comment section of the Regular Session, once again reported that the Council still has not received a monthly financial statement.  

Councilman John Shoaff pointed out that Mitch has been the front man for the request, but that all of the City Council voted for the ordinance requiring the monthly statements.  Council President Tom Smith also concurred with the comments.

I might point out, that Deputy Mayor Greg Purcell has stated that the Council will receive last month’s statement by the end of this month, which is tomorrow.  I spoke with Greg earlier today and it appears they are still on track for this to happen.  He reiterated the point that it’s not as important the first part of the year to examine balances as not much information has been gathered or accumulated.  The more important view, he feels, comes at the 6 month mark.  Traditionally, this is the time the budgets are prepared and acted on by the City Council.  At this point, you are halfway through the fiscal year and can get more of an idea of where you’re headed.

Video of the comments.



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