Fort Wayne City Council agenda – 4/28/2009

The Fort Wayne City Council

The Fort Wayne City Council meets Tuesday night in both Committee and Regular Sessions.  The Committee Session will begin at 5:30 pm in Council Chambers in the City-County Building.  You may download the agendas here and the ordinances and resolutions up for introduction here.

Items up for discussion this evening in the Committee Session of possible interest:

AN ORDINANCE amending Ordinance G-15-92 “Clarifying Eligibility For Paid Vacation Leaves”
Credit for past service will not require Common Council approval

Every time one of these requests has come before the City Council, a discussion is inevitably repeated that there is no need for it to be this way.  This is another of those housekeeping items the City Council is finally addressing.  In fact, the next item on the agenda is one of these same requests:

A RESOLUTION approving credit for past service with another Indiana Political Subdivision for Kumar G. Menon
Grant credit for past service

The next two items were held last week for a couple of reasons:

S-09-04-02 (AS AMENDED)
AN ORDINANCE establishing the Harrison Square Parking Garage Operating Fund
Collecting and holding revenues & improvement expenses for the garage

S-09-04-03 (AS AMENDED)
AN ORDINANCE establishing the Harrison Square Maintenance and Improvement Fund
Collecting and holding revenues & improvement expenses
For the Parkview Field and Conference Center

The first reason for the hold was that the ordinances did not spell out the sources of the funds to be appropriated into the funds.  Councilwoman Liz Brown pointed out that both ordinances also listed Section 1 the same way:

Section 1.  The Harrison Square Maintenance and Improvement Fund shall be established for the purpose of; collecting and holding revenues, and paying maintenance, operating, and improvement expenses for the Harrison Square development.

It was this identical passage in both ordinances that was a major sticking point.  The Council insisted that S-09-04-02 have the phrase changed to, “for the Harrison Square parking garage” while S-09-04-03 be changed to “for Parkview Field”.

Councilman Mitch Harper also asked for a hold.  He stated that until the Council received the first monthly financial statement they’ve been asking for, and which they then passed an ordinance requiring said statements be provided, he felt it necessary to hold the ordinances.

Councilman John Shoaff then began a series or probing questions with Greg Leatherman, Executive Director Redevelopment.  I’ll provide the audio portion later.  You probably read about the letter John sent to Mayor Tom Henry and Greg on Friday of last week.  It pretty well summarized John’s statements in the Council meeting.

I just received copies of the amended ordinances from Angie Davis, Deputy City Clerk – thanks, Angie!

S-09-04-02 (Ammended)
S-09-04-03 (Ammended)

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