Swine Flu global map

Click here for the current map.

First, let me say, use caution and good sense when viewing this post – PLEASE!

I wondered how long it would take…. Â

There is a map on Google Maps tracking the Swine Flu development.

There are two markers in Indiana, however, it states that…

two samples that went to the CDC did not match other strains of flu found locally this year, she said. Â

No indication of who she is.  In fact, there are no indications of this map being based on official information.  If you click on the creator’s profile, it indicates he or she is in Pittsburgh, PA and is in Biomedical Research.

As such, it should be taken with a grain of salt.  I certainly wouldn’t base any travel plans or other decisions on the map without knowing more.Â

Any thoughts on the benefits or dangers in something like this?

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