Kinda harsh, eh?

The above sign has been taped, which I’m guessing is probably some sort of federal violation, to the side of the mailbox at the Berry and Ewing Street intersection. Yes, I’ve blocked out the last name to protect the innocent. Although I will say this. If you’ve lived in Fort Wayne in the last 20 or so years – minimum – you can probably figure out the name from the lettering.  It’s a very distinctive style of lettering that a sign board company used to use.  The company, BTW, is still in business, although I think it’s a different name now.  Anyway, if you can figure that out, you have the last name of the person.

I don’t know what the story is here, perhaps a reader can enlighten me.  There is another one of these signs, except this one looks more like an official street sign on the coner of Wells and Spring Streets.  It’s been there quite a few years.  I took a photo of it in the summer of 2007 when I noticed it while waiting for the light.  I’ll be surprised if this one lasts the week.

Just one of those things, I guess.

BTW, Mr. Postman, if you happen to be reading this, please make sure you always check the lock on our mailboxes!  I went to get my mail Saturday afternoon and when I swung my mailbox door open, the whole row tilted down.  (I live in an apartment building which has those rows of metal boxes with a hinge on the bottom so they swing out allowing the postman or woman to fill the mail from the top.)  Judging from my neighbor’s boxes, either no one received any mail Saturday, or we all did and someone stole it.  Please, er, well, address this issue if you would!


  1. I’ve seen these signs before….I would love to know the backstory, but even a google search turns up nothing! You’d think the angry people would use the power of the web.


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