United Way congratulates CTN and Turnstone for national award

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Press release:

United Way Congratulates CTN and Turnstone for Winning National Collaboration Award

CTN (Community Transportation Network) and Turnstone Center for Children and Adults with Disabilities are the recipients of a national award celebrating non-profit collaboration.

CTN and Turnstone are quarter-finalists in The Collaboration Prize, which was established last year by The Lodestar Foundation in association with the Arizona-Indiana-Michigan Alliance. The award recognizes non-profit collaborations that achieve exceptional impact and significantly eliminate duplication of efforts. The Lodestar Foundation received 644 nominations and awarded 120 quarter-finalist honors.

United Way of Allen County nominated CTN and Turnstone for their work to coordinate transportation services for people with disabilities and seniors. In 2006, CTN began managing transportation for Turnstone and took over operation of Turnstone’s vehicles. This created a central transportation service for people with disabilities and seniors, and increased capacity while reducing costs per ride. Benefits of the collaboration include increased capacity, increased efficiency and increased cost effectiveness.

More information about the Collaboration Prize.

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