Parkview Field open house in full swing

The open house at Parkview Field opened this morning at 10 am to a waiting gathering. There are periodic behind the scene tours available of the suite level and other areas of the ballpark. The open house is free and goes until 4 pm this afternoon.


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  1. I was at the field just a few minutes ago. It was a great experience. I am really excited to see what things will be like when the season is in full swing. There was a fervor at the field that just felt good. I heard almost nothing but positive comments and the few negative comments I heard were followed by a statement about how good many of the seats where, how great it is that there are large gathering spots or how they were going to make sure they got tickets to at least one game.

  2. Wow! See, it’s already working – pulling people in from Huntington! I heard nothing but positive stories as well. In fact, there were several people who mentioned they’d been against the project, but were now converts! This IS going to be BIG!


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