Downtown Design Guidelines – hope at last?


Cover of the Downtown Design Guidelines


During yesterday’s Fort Wayne City Council meeting, several rezoning ordinances pertaining to the downtown were before the Council for discussion.  The Downtown Design Guidelines, authored and adopted a few years back, were brought up.  The Council, led by Councilman Tim Pape and Mitch Harper, asked that these be worked into the ordinances and encouraged staff to make this a priority.  If you haven’t, read through the detailed guidelines by clicking the above photo.  

If this had been done a few years ago, we wouldn’t have the Subway now at the corner of Clinton Street and Jefferson Boulevard.  Instead, the structure would hug the sidewalks with parking mostly hidden from the street.  It would also dictate the types of construction materials and designs in downtown building.  It would give the City more control over downtown development.  More on this later.


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