Allen County Republican Party Caucus Recap

This past Saturday, March 7th 2009, I attended the Allen County Republican Party Caucus at South Side High School.  This was my first time attending any sort of caucus.  I want to say that I was unsure of what exactly I would be allowed to do as far as photography and video taping.  I left my tripod at home on purpose because of this, but accidentally forgot to pack my flash unit. Plus, I was pretty nervous running around taking photos – afraid somebody would throw me out.  Like I said, my first experience covering one of these.  So, following is additional items from the Caucus including audio, photos and one more video clip. The quality of some of the photos is less than perfect, however, I am including them because of their documentary value.


Audio – all files are in the mp3 format

  • From the National Anthem to the start of the voting (13.8 MB – 30:09)

Individual Chairman candidate speeches:

  • Sheldon Landgrave (1.6 MB – 3:30)
  • Paul Morrison (1.43 MB – 3:08)
  • Ric Runestad (1.58 MB – 3:27)
  • Ken Schenk (1.57 MB – 3:26)
  • Steve Shine (1.93 MB – 4:13)



no images were found



Video clips




Voting results – for the GOP Chairmanship

  • Sheldon Landgrave – 2
  • Paul Morrison – 9
  • Ric Runestad – 88
  • Ken Schenk – 29
  • Steve Shine – 211


Related Images:


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