Courtyard by Marriott: Movement towards construction?

An article by Ben Lanka in today’s Journal Gazette, indicates that construction on the downtown Courtyard by Marriott Hotel might begin soon.  This Hotel is the linchpin of the Harrison Square project and has been delayed for months.  Some selections from the article:

Harrison hotel inching forward
Contractor says it has financing for construction

The building permit acquired by developer White Lodging for the $20 million downtown Courtyard by Marriott was set to expire today. But Dave Fuller, Allen County building commissioner, indicated there might be some progress on the project soon.

His office was contacted Wednesday by Sheil [sic] Sexton of Indianapolis, the contractor in charge of building the hotel. The contractor said financing for the hotel project had been acquired, and it wanted to make sure work could still be done under the existing permit, Fuller said.

“As long as they get going in the next week, two or 30 days, we’ll be fine using that permit,” Fuller said.

[…] Greg Leatherman, Fort Wayne executive director of redevelopment, said he had not heard anything about financing being secured, adding that he would have been made aware of such a development.

[…] The developer paid $2,860.96 for the 90-day permit.

Fuller said his department doesn’t typically hold developers to strict deadlines, but if a permit languishes for any length of time, it will expire, and the developer will have to acquire a new one.

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