Commercial Façade Grant Program recipients

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I have obtained the list of recipients of the City’s first Commercial Façade Grant Program.  The list is as follows:

Prairie Quest
parking, stone masonry, handrails, windows, doors, lights, landscape

Lutheran Homes
2 matching entrance walls-brick, illumintated 24 hours, landscaping

Metro Real Estate 1
Doors, concrete stoop, painting, wood boards, panels/moulding,windows

Metro Real Estate 2
Painting, doors, mosaic tile flooring, wood panels, roof papapet flashing

George’s International Grocery
Complete façade renovation of front exterior

Casselwood-DKJ Holdings
New tenant in catalyst project – window replacement, door, logo

Knitting off Broadway
awnings, parking lot,landscaping, signage, paint,windows, doors

Old Crown Inc
Demolition, painting, wood windows, doors, awning, graphics,wood details

Intrascape Inc.
restoration of brick and mortar, awnings, paint/re-finish, remove existing paint

Anthony M. Henry
exterior lighting, painting, window and door w/transom, clean masonry

LMA Enterprises-Firefly
Parking lot, awnings, lighting, new signage per business

Shambaugh Family LTD
Replace bases and light poles for North Anthony Center

Darryl Gorman
Door, windows, landscaping,awnings,sign, lighting,overhangs,paint,parking

Quimby Village Association
Repave parking lot

The Reclamation Project
window replacement

Gouloff-Jordan Surveyor
Repair/replace damaged or decayed wooden siding, window sills, paint

Great Panes Glass
Brick tuckpointing, painting of building, canvas awnings

Hyde Brothers Booksellers
Awnings window box planters mural on south-facing masonry wall

G.I. Joes Army Surplus
parking to adjoining lot, exterior door and painting-decorative trim

Engine House Development
Signage,arch lighting, painting-exposed dimensional sofits and gutters

Zesto Ice Cream
Neon accents to sign, building add-on, regrout brick, replace wood trim


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