JG Charis House Editorial

Today’s Journal Gazette has an editorial written by the staff regarding the Charis House debate.  Some highlights:

Best home for Charis House

[…] The city has a vested interest in the future of the property – especially considering that taxpayers paid to buy out the homes along Fairmount Place after the devastating flood of 1982. At the time, the federal government didn’t have restrictions requiring the bought-out area to remain green space, as it does now. But according to a local flood expert, the potential for flooding should be considered. The land is in a 500-year flood plain.

“Knowing there is still a level of risk, I think it would be prudent to elevate the first floor of that structure,” said Rod Renkenberger, executive director of the Maumee River Basin Commission.

The Fort Wayne City Council is considering the Fairmount request. Council members have a heightened obligation to review the proposal to determine whether it’s the best use for the property.

[…] The business association made several suggestions for different locations, most of which called for the reuse of existing properties. Representatives of the shelter, run by Fort Wayne Rescue Ministries, should not be too quick to place darker motives on neighbors voicing legitimate concerns about the project.

No one disputes the good that the organization is able to accomplish or the growing need for the services at Charis House. But it is in everybody’s best interest to find the best place for the expansion.

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