Getting Your Story Heard: Media Lessons from the Pros.

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The Chamber is sponsoring offering a panel discussion on how to interact with our local media.  This is a great idea!  My only disappointment, I must add, is that they didn’t include a blogger on the panel.  There is an active blogger community here in Fort Wayne, many of whom have developed considerable followings.  I myself am open to featuring events and news from our community and helping in any way possible to spread the word.  That aside, this should be an interesting and worthwhile meeting for anyone who is curious about engaging the local media!

Getting Your Story Heard: Media Lessons from the Pros
The latest in the Chamber’s Business Brown Bag series…

Learn from media experts how to get your story heard – from determining what is “newsworthy” to writing the perfect news release.

Join us Thursday, March 5 from noon-1 p.m. here at the Chamber of Commerce. Register online now or pay at the door. $5 for Members ~ $10 for Non-members.

The media panel for this event includes:
Bob Caylor – Reporter for the News Sentinel
Peter Newmann – News Director for Indiana News Center
Linda Lipp – Associate Editor & Reporter for the Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly


  1. Stephen ,

    Rather than engage them, I prefer to “enrage” them. All three are very qualified in their respective fields, but sadly the Chamber, as always went with those that lick their hands. Why wasn’t someone from WOWO invited for example? How about Frost Illustrated or the Fort Wayne Reader?

    I won’t be attending. I’ll be interested to see your report on the event.


    • I’m not sure if I’ll make it. I do have it on my calendar and think it would be interesting to attend and will, if possible.

      I agree with your comments regarding the other media outlets. It’s a pretty limited selection. Does GFBW even focus much on local events?


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