City seeks Neighborhood Stabilization Program partners

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Press Release from the City:

City Requests Information on Development Teams to work on Neighborhood Stabilization Program

The City of Fort Wayne is seeking information on those who wish to seek and work with multiple buyers of foreclosed homes. Fort Wayne is receiving $7 million to implement its plan for responding to the surplus of vacant and foreclosed homes in our community. The money will assist development teams in the purchase and rehabilitation of vacant foreclosed homes to be sold to homebuyers, helping neighborhoods as well as the owner occupants of rehabilitated homes.

The requests for information (RFI) documentation is available on the City’s website. Development teams should be comprised of individuals to fill the following roles:

  • Seek buyers interested in purchasing foreclosed homes
  • Seek and acquire foreclosed homes for homebuyers
  • Assist buyers with redesigning the foreclosed home
  • Oversee home renovation process
  • Assist buyer with final home purchase

Mayor Tom Henry encourages local developers and contractors to work together to form teams that will respond to the community interest in these properties. “I want to help stabilize and strengthen neighborhoods,” said Mayor Henry. “We have an abundance of solid housing stock that we ought to be able to match with local workers who will make the houses once more into homes, and find families to live in them. I look forward to seeing the changes in neighborhoods throughout the city through this program.”

A request for information for HUD-certified homebuyer education providers is also available as a part of the City’s partner pre-qualification process. The deadline for returning the forms to the City is noon March 2, 2009. A mandatory information session will be held 8 a.m. Feb. 23, 2009, in the City County Building Omni Room (2nd Floor). You can learn more about the NSP program at the HUD’s website.

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