White House website

A screen capture of the White House website from a few days ago.

A screen capture of the White House website a few minutes after noon today.

I like the new design!  A breath of fresh air after the stodginess of the old design.  I do have to laugh though.  I filled in my email address and zip code and pressed the “Get Updates” button, only to be greeted with this:

“Thank you for your submission” – I wonder if anyone really thought that through?  Change has come to Ameria – Thank you for your submission.  Funny, that.

In looking at the website, I was surprised to find a section entitled, Support for the LGBT Community.  It is about half-way down the page.  Wow!  Actually on an official government website?  So all that talk during the campaign wasn’t just lip service, eh?  A new day has dawned in America and I don’t think most of us have a clue as to the ride we’re in for!  God Bless America!!

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