IT Consolidation Moves Forward

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I’m a little late with this, but nonetheless, from Allen County:

Action taken today (December 19th 2008) by the Allen County Board of Commissioners could eventually lead to a consolidated Information Technology Department with the City of Fort Wayne. The Commissioners approved an interlocal agreement with the city to begin negotiating a new city-county IT department and the operational services it would provide.  The agreement must still be acted on by the city.

Under a plan developed by Premis Consulting Group, a seven-member governing board would oversee the joint department.  That group would consist of three county representatives, three city representatives, and a local judge.  Also, a ten-member steering committee would be formed to help develop policies and set priorities for the department.  It would consist of five county representatives and five city representatives.  Overseeing day-to-day management of the department would be a Chief Information Officer, hired by the governing board, and a Chief Technology Officer who would be hired by the eventual CIO.

“Local government IT consolidation is a growing and positive trend,” said Ed Steenman, Allen County IT Director.  “A combined IT department would simplify the organization by producing one cohesive strategic vision, plan and direction for Allen County and the City of Fort Wayne.”

Starting January 1, city and county IT operations service delivery will be handled under one joint contract with Atos Origin.

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