Mayor Hughes?

Amanda Iacone reported in Saturday’s Journal Gazette that Allen County Councilwoman Paula Hughes feels a possible position in the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance could be a stepping stone into the Fort Wayne Mayor’s office.

Mitch Harper was the first to reveal on Fort Wayne Observed last Friday that Paula was considering leaving the County Council for the position.  The position would be Deputy Commissioner in the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance.  You may remember the last Commissioner of that agency, Cheryl Musgrave, was always, it seemed, in the news for some controversial decision or matter.  She left to be replaced by Tim Rushenberg.

Working with elected officials from all over the state could help if she runs for Fort Wayne mayor, Hughes said.

“That really is the thing I’ve had my eye on,” she said of the mayor’s job. “This position would definitely be a step in the right direction.”

Not being a current elected official with her name in the public eye could detract from that experience. But a mayoral campaign is still several years away, she said.

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