City Council Agenda – 1/13/2009

The Fort Wayne City Council

The Fort Wayne City Council agendas are available for download.  There are two files.  One is the agenda for the meetings, the other contains the pages of the agenda concerning the introduction of ordinances during the regular session with the ordinances attached.  There is one ordinance to be discussed during the Committee Session:

A DECLARATORY RESOLUTION designating an “Economic Revitalization Area” under I.C. 6-1.1-12.1 for property commonly known as 620 East Berry Street, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46802 (525 W. Jefferson, LLC/Prairie Quest, Inc.)

It is noted that this resolution is to be introduced and passed in the same evening.  The Parking Amnesty resolution is also to be given a final vote this evening.  It was passed out of Committee with a “Do Pass” recomendation and will probably pass this evening.

Although not on the agenda, the other item to happen will be the selection of Council Committees.  If you look at the agenda, you will notice that Committee Chairman and Co-Chairman are empty. 

If you’ve thought about attending Council meetings, or getting involved, do so!  It’s a learning experience and not as boring as some might have you believe.  Besides, all of the Council members are approachable and open to citizen involvement.  Get involved and make a difference!


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