Keystone revamp

The Keystone building on Calhoun Street in downtown Fort Wayne will be seeing some construction this year.  From the News-Sentinel:

Article published Jan 2, 2009
Downtown Keystone Building to get revamp
Estimated $1.42M renovation will split first floor into offices for prosecutors.

[…] Allen County and the prosecutor’s office are looking for contractors to perform a series of renovation work, inside and out, to the Keystone Building at 606 S. Calhoun St. The three-story brick building, directly across the street from the City-County Building’s parking garage, requires an estimated $1.42 million in repairs and updates as new offices are planned for installation in the largely vacant first floor.

[…] The first floor was occupied by the county’s election and voters registration offices until they moved into the adjacent City-County Building last year, leaving only the prosecutors. Since then, Richards said, the wide-open first floor is simply unusable by any one office.

[…] The deadline for initial contract work bids is Jan. 12. However, Richards said, she is unsure when actual renovation work might begin.

Significant work to the outside of the building, erected in the late 1800s, is also planned for this project. Roof and exterior window replacement will be attached to the upgrade.

Work on the exterior of the building will be financed through the county’s cumulative capital fund.

The last major renovation work to Keystone was in 1987. The building received $1.7 million in work done after a partial collapse in 1984. 

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  1. The Keystone Building almost got some remodeling on Friday afternoon when a car failed to negotiate the turn from Calhoun onto the Landing! The car slid into the building causing the air bags to deploy and a bit of damage to the auto–it had to be towed away with quite a crumpled front end. The car met the building just at the spot where the smoking receptacle sits…but luckily no one was on the sidewalk and no one in the car seemed to be hurt.


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