Technical Difficulties…

I am having some problems with the website and email.  Actually, I was in the process of combining the .com and .com websites into one.  Earlier this morning, I canceled the .com website which was to take place later this month when the current billing cycle ended.  This would have allowed me ample time to make sure everything was transferred and up and running.  However, my ISP, 1 and 1 – which I would not recommend to anyone – decided to make it effective immediately and henceforth canceled my accounts immediately as well.  So, if you sent an email to me on the address since 6 pm Sunday, please resend it to me.  In the meantime, this is going to precipitate another change as well.  For some time, I have been wanting to reorganize the photos section of the website.  Until that project is completed, the photos section will not be available.  

Again, my apologies.  Current email – web master @ around fort wayne . in fo  – remove all spaces between the first w and last o.


    • Hi Andy,

      It originally started, the .info, because I needed another website that would be more informational in content. I hadn’t thought of blogging when I started the second site. However, 1 and 1 does not make it easy to set up SQL databases, nor upload anything if you’re using MS Frontpage extensions – which I am in the process of getting away from as well. Anyway, I’ll be keeping the .com, it will take you to the same place as the .info.

      Thanks for the tip on the gallery. I’d been trying Coppermine, but am not happy with its performance. The biggest problem is converting everything over. I have some 16,000+ photos on the site and don’ t have time to re-catalog everything. I will check out the link!


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