71st Annual Polar Bear Plunge Video

2009 Polar Bear Plunge Logo

Yesterday at boat ramp in Johnny Appleseed Park, the 71st Annual Polar Bear Plunge was enacted.  Below is video from the event which if you watch, you will see what I mean when I rant a bit. 

It’s really not cool to walk in front of other’s cameras/video recorders people.  What made me laugh was the Firefighter who walked in front of my camera, which was on a tripod, spoke to the cameraman who was not sticking out any further than I was, turned and almost ran into my camera.  Then proceeded, but not in a rude way, to counsel me that I should watch my camera because the plungers would come rushing down the ramp.  I had no problems with the plungers.  It continually amazes me – especially when one certain newspaper, who’s not very friendly to bloggers, seems to want to walk, step, stand in front of other’s cameras at every chance.  The paper goes by the initials JG and while I certainly understand the need to capture excellent photos, that’s what God gave us a zoom lens and the JG all that expensive camera gear they have.  Anyway, enough of that.  End of rant.

The other thing I’ll say about this video – and it’s not a rant – is that this was my first experience at the Polar Bear Plunge.  I wasn’t sure where to set up.  I had the camera leveled, ready to go when I followed the plungers into the water.  When I did this, I decided to move the camera and forgot it would change the angle of the picture.  I think I recovered nicely.  You’ll also see City Councilman Mitch Harper run up to the camera and ask if I at least dipped my toe into the water.  I answered that I was going to dip a finger in instead – which I did not.  Are you kidding me, Mitch?  LOL  After he emerged from his dip, he then comments on the value of Vaseline as an insulator – and it seemed to work for him.   In fact, we talked to another convert in the parking lot who thanked Mitch for the tip.

By the way – there is another Polar Bear Plunge scheduled for Saturday, February 14th, 2009.  This will be held at Mirror Lake on the St. Francis University Campus at noon.  For details about this worthwhile event, visit this webpage.

Lots of fun and hopefully, I will be there next year to capture the event again.  I might even join in the fun if I can find a speedo in my size – NOT!!!


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