Commissioners Restored; Miller Resigns

The Allen County Council met this morning to decide whether or not to restore the Allen County Commissioners to full-time status and rescind the pay cut voted on earlier this month.  Commissioner Nelson Peters did present his scorecard which was accepted by the Council.  The Commissioners were returned to full-time status and their full pay was restored, however, no pay raise was given.

County Councilman Cal Miller announced at the end of the meeting he is resigning his position as of Thursday, January 3rd 2009 citing the demands on his time are conflicting with his personal needs.  This will mean that Allen County Republican Chairman Steve Shine will appoint someone call a caucus of the Allen County Republican Party’s Precinct Chairmen who will then vote to select someone to fill the remaining two years of Miller’s term.  This would allow the replacement to be in a pretty good position for the next election.

Update: Fort Wayne City Purchasing Director Jim Howard has thrown his hat into the ring.

(Thanks to Kevin Knuth for correcting me.  I realized I had it wrong while at work earlier today, but without a computer, my telephathic powers weren’t connecting me to the blog.)

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