City’s 3-1-1 Call Center Open Sunday – 12/21/2008

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The 3-1-1 Call Center will be open tomorrow, Sunday, December 21, 2008 from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.  The 3-1-1 Call Center was open yesterday as well until midnight, although I didn’t post about it here.  It’s good to see the City being proactive, however, one wonders if given the severity and uniqueness of the situation, the center shouldn’t be open additional hours, if not 24 hours.   This is a service that I believe can offer a huge benefit to citizens.  I base this belief on my personal experiences during the 2003 July flooding.  3-1-1 was a point of contention during the City Council Budget Hearings, (read this post, scroll down to the Mayor’s Area Adovcates section) and is an added expense, however, the benefits offset that expense greatly in ways that aren’t quantifiable.  I would also add that it’s unusual that citizens aren’t given the Desk Sergeant’s phone number, which is 427-1222, which may also be utilized in non-emergency situations.

The City’s press release gives more details about who to call for what type of situations:

3-1-1 Call Center Open Until 5 Saturday, 8-5 Sunday

Because of the large volume of calls the 311 Call Center will remain open until 5pm Saturday. 311 will re-open on Sunday from 8am-5pm.

311 is for non-emergency calls like downed tree limbs and high water. Call 911 for emergency situations including downed power lines.

Two shelters are open for residents without power: the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum at 4000 Parnell Avenue and South Side High School at 3601 South Calhoun Street.

Residents coming to the shelter are encouraged to bring blankets, pillows, toiletry items, baby formula and medications, games and toys for children, and any other supplies that will make their stay more enjoyable.

Residents without power should let their water run the diameter of a pencil in all faucets and leave cabinet doors open to allow air from the house to reach the pipes. The air in the house is still warmer than the air hitting the outside wall.

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