5/3 Renames Metro Building

This weekend, work continued on new signage being installed on the former Metro Building on the Northwest corner of the Berry and Harrison Street intersection.  Read this previous AFW post, 5/3 Headquarters Move, for more information.

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  1. I can’t believe my dad didn’t tell me this. He works on the 2nd floor in Helmke, Beams, LLC – been there since, gosh 1987 I think. I didn’t know 5/3 moved there. That’s good because the last time I was in that building (July) it seemed really empty compared to years past.

    • Hi Andy. Thanks for the comment. If memory serves me correctly, Waterfield Mortgage had occupied the majority of the building up until last year or the year before. They cleared out with the demise of the company, which was a sore point of contention with many in the community. It always amazes me when you start looking at different buildings/blocks downtown and looking at what was been there over the years.


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