City Council Revealed: Patriotic Moments

At the beginning of every Regular Session of the Fort Wayne Common Council, the Colors are presented.  Together the audience recites the Pledge of Allegiance which is usually followed by a moment of silent prayer.  This is always a moment to reflect on our good fortune of living in a great country such as ours.

Tonight however, Council President Tom Didier sang the National Anthem to us, as introduced by Councilman Glynn Hines.  Almost everyone in this community who’s ever been to a Komets game knows that Council President Didier sings the National Anthem before most Komets home games.  He also sings for other occasions as well.  He sang at a friend of mine’s mother’s funeral a few years back which meant a lot to him.  

Music transcends all boundaries and unlike the spoken word, is more efficient in striking to the very center of our being.  I’ve been to New York, Chicago, San Diego, Washington DC, Cleveland…  I’ve heard many of the great operatic voices of our time live – Domingo, Pavarotti, Mirella Freni, just to name a few.  But the experience of watching and hearing Tom sing tonight will always be in the upper-most levels of my memories.  You have a great God-given talent for which we are all better for you sharing it with us tonight.  THANK YOU!


Not included on the video, shortly after the applause died down, I heard Councilman Didier say, “Let’s play hockey!”

Previously, at the end of the Committee Session, Council Vice-President Tom Smith presented Council President Tom Didier with a plaque commemorating his first year as President.  The Plaque reads, “Fort Wayne Common Council President 2008, Thomas S. Didier”.  These photos were taken after the end of the Regular Session.


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