Redevelopment Meeting Today – 12/15/2008

City of Fort Wayne Seal

There is a Redevelopment Meeting this afternoon, sometime after 4:00 pm.  I say sometime after, because there is an Executive Session of the Redevelopment Commission first.  This session is closed to the public.  

There is an agenda for the executive session, and this is the first time I can remember seeing one with an actual item listed on it:

The purchase or lease of real property by the governing body up to the time a contract or option to purchase or lease is executed by the parties, as defined in Indiana Code 5-14-1.5-6.1 (b)(2)(D)

Of course, we won’t find out anything about the real property today.  I think it a safe bet that it’s not the OmniSource property.  I don’t think it concerns the Dimension Ford property along Jefferson Boulevard either as those details have already been made public knowledge.  Any ideas from the blogosphere?

The regular agenda is available here.  There is a resolution to increase parking rates for the Midtowne Crossing tenants from $73 to $78 per month.  Wow!  Here at my building, I can “rent” a space for $25 per month.  Of course, it’s in the open and can be a hassle during winter snowstorms, but that’s a small price to pay compared to nearly three times as much.  I’m curious how this stacks up when compared to other garages downtown.

There are 12 Harrison Square related change orders and/or other contracts on the agenda as well.  Those should be interesting.

I will try to attend the meeting this afternoon and will bring you full details later today.

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