Galloping Gobbler 4 Miler Photos

I have posted a photo set from last Thursday’s Galloping Gobbler 4 Miler race.  The above photo is of the starting line, shortly before the start with a Turkey posing with the racers.

The next photo is of Casey Shafer (5) and Sam Bird (18) who finished the race 1st and 2nd respectively.

Third place finisher Ian Thomas.

Click here for the video from the race.

Photos are here:

Related Images:


  1. Thanks for coming out with your Dad, Stephen.

    The weather was great and the crowd was enthusiastic.

    Your photographs are marvelous. As I told you last night, one of the photos in the particular is a favorite.

    I also posted on the message board that your photos were available for viewing here. You received a kudos on that message board, too.

  2. Hi Mitch!

    Thank you very much for the comments – I very much appreciate them. It was a lot of fun and I cannot wait until next year. Runners are one of my favorite things to photograph and the conditions were perfect! Dad enjoyed himself as well. I will have a dvd for you at next Tuesday’s council meeting. I left it in the tray yesterday.

    Thank you again!


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