Tax Abatements at City Council Tonight

The Fort Wayne City Council will take up Councilwomen Liz Brown and Karen Goldner’s proposed changes to the Tax Abatement code.  The code hasn’t seen changes since 2000 and is expected to be updated in keeping with the current Council’s wishes on awarding abatements.  The public is invited to make comments in what’s being called a “courtesy public hearing”.  

The above playlist concerns the proposed changes to the tax abatement code as discussed by Councilwomen Brown and Goldner, taped November 13th 2008.  Please note that I was trying the new recorder, which I’ve learned has terrible audio recording capabilities.  Even though I was sitting within feet of the two women, you will need to increase your volume setting.  Please note that the last clip was recorded with my old camera and the levels return to normal which will require you to lower your volume setting.  Lesson learned, I guess.

On-line resources
City Council Agenda for 11/25/2008 
General Ordinance G-08-10-19
News-Sentinel article – 11/24/2008
Proposed Changes to Tax Abatement Code
Resolution R-08-10-20

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