Coliseum Budget Cut To Offset Stadium Demise

By Amanda Iacone in today’s Journal Gazette:

[…] Closing Memorial Stadium after a new downtown baseball stadium opens in the spring will shrink Memorial Coliseum’s 2009 budget by $300,000, said Randy Brown, Coliseum general manager.

[…] Those shrinking expenses, however, don’t make up for the lost revenue, and officials cut the Coliseum’s $7.1 million operating budget to $6.8 million next year, he said.

A mix of full-time and part-time employees could be cut after the baseball stadium closes. The closure could also affect workers contracted for cleaning and food services, Brown said.

[…] The Coliseum agreed to keep Memorial Stadium open until after the new stadium is ready. Plans are in the works to demolish the stadium and replace it with more parking and improved drainage.

[…] Shrinking revenue also caused the Coliseum to decide not to give $50,000 to the Convention and Visitors Bureau as it has done in the past. The Convention and Visitors Bureau now has a funding source from the innkeepers tax and no longer has to rely on the Coliseum and Grand Wayne Center, Brown said.

The Coliseum will have to pay for any Convention Visitors Bureau services it uses next year, he said.

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