The Health of Our Community

This week’s HealthCare Summit topic

Dr. Deborah McMahan, Director, Fort Wayne-Allen County Health Department

“The Health of Our Community”

Tuesday, Nov. 18, 7:00 PM

Wednesday, Nov. 19, 11:00 AM

Comcast Ch.. 55 and Verizon Ch. 25

Comment: This is an excellent PowerPoint presentation on the health of our community including health care resources for Fort Wayne and Allen County.


The Public 1 HealthCare Summit of September 24 is being aired on Public Access TV in November and December from beginning to end.

Each week, another program from the Summit is being broadcast on the same Tuesday-at-7 PM-Wednesday-at-11 AM schedule by Allen County Public Library’s Access TV.

This program can be viewed on both Comcast 55 and Verizon 25 channels.

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