Olds Wagon Works Falls

This building, the Olds Wagon Works, along Murray Street between Clinton and Lafayette Streets has been slated for demolition for several years now.  In Feburary, 2006, Jerry Henry, Jr. announced that he was walking away from plans to developing the project into apartments and a home for a social service agency.  When the financing needed became prohibitive, because of unavailability of tax credits, a decision was made to demolish the structure.  

To Henry’s credit, he has probably held off as long as he could in hopes another use for the structure could be found.  Luckily for the city, Henry set his sights on another project – renovation of the beautiful McCulloch-Weatherhogg House, now home to the United Way of Allen County.

Yesterday, I travelled to Dayton Ohio for a woodcarving show.  No, I don’t carve, but my father does and I thought it would prove an excellent opportunity to get out of town for the day.  I discovered that I have more amunition to fire back at friends – and family – who constantly tell me I have too much free time on my hands.  

Anyway, as we drove down Clinton Street on our way out of town, I happened to notice that the top floor of the building was gone.  When we drove by Murray Street, a quick glance revealed the top floor was now laying in the middle of the street.  I will try to get over that way today for some photos as another downtown landmark falls.

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Olds Wagon Works

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