Too Much Free Time?!?!

Most of my friends tell me I need to get a life, or that I have way too much free time on my hands to do some of the things with this blog/photography that I do.  Well, I have the all time way-too-much-free-time-on-their-hands item for you.  The above photo is of a building in the downtown area…  This building has a very well known landmark on the roof.  (I’ve probably given it away at this point.)  The building is one story, except for the middle portion of the building which is multiple floors.  On the facade of the building, in the tallest part, Christmas lights have been strung.  We’re not just talking one or two strands, we’re talking several hundred.  Can you imagine testing those lights looking for a short or burned out bulb?  Whew!  

Anyway, first person to correctly identify the building in question will receive an 8×10 photo print of the display later this month or the first of next.  I have to wait to give it to you then because the lights won’t be lit until then. Answers must be submitted as a comment to be considered an entry into the contest.

Guess away!

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