Red, White and Blue United States of America!

Today is Election Day!  It is very important to vote – whether your candidate wins or loses, or whether or not you think your vote counts, VOTE!  You will make a difference!

Let me just get this rant out of the way – It’s great to see all the new voters and yes, this is an important election.  But, to say this is the most important election ever, well, all I have to say is if all these new voters and more of our apathetic citizens had voted the last couple of elections, we might not be in the shape we’re in and this wouldn’t need to be the most important election ever.  End of Rant.

That being said, the polls open at 6:00 am and close at 6:00 pm.  Remember to take your state ID.  If you need to obtain a license or ID, the BMV will be open the same hours as the poll.  If you run into problems, ASK for a Provisional Ballot.  Later this week, follow up and make sure your vote is counted.  If you have questions, the phone number for the Election Board is 449-7329.

If you would like to examine the ballot to see what decisions you’ll need to make today, there are some steps to finding your ballot.  No, one ballot does not fit all.  Ballots will differ from precinct to precinct.  Follow these steps to find your ballot.

  1. Visit the Indiana Voters website and look for the “Polling Place” link at the top of the screen, just under the logo/photo.  Fill in your information and click the “Find” button.
  2. Once the results are displayed, look under the Search Results tab for your precinct number and write this down.
  3. Visit this pdf to find your Ballot Style Number.
  4. Visit this page and click on your Ballot Style Number


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