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On October 20th, Jim Irwin with Barry Real Estate was in town to talk about the new plans for The Harrison.  This is the condominium/retail portion of the Harrison Square project.  The new plans were now to build only three above ground floors – one retail, two condominiums.  I pointed out at the time that the Harrison Square Living website still had the original plans up with no indication that any changes were coming.  Well, a quick trip into the website today reveals that this has been changed.

Clicking on the “See the new plans” area on the front page takes you to a second page which has a visible “Design” menu.  Clicking on “Progress” brings up the above screen.  This allows you to see what the construction site currently looks like, and then move the slider to show the finished overlay.  Although I will say that the turf has been completely installed, so the photo isn’t going to be a live photo.  None the less, a very nice feature indeed!  Clicking on the “Floor Plans” brings up the new floor plan with, you guessed it, floor plans!  One other note, the Wizards tab in the lower right of the screens needs updated to the new team – the Box Score!

Old Wizards tab

Click here to download the floorplan

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