Windows of Wells – Post 2

Windows of Wells Auction Flyer

This Sunday, the Wells Area Merchants (WAM!) will hold an auction to raise funds for the Historic Wells Street Bridge Lighting Project. Months ago, artists gathered at Jack & Johnny’s to paint windows in various themes. It is these windows – and one door – that will be auctioned Sunday, October 19, 2008 at 3:00 pm. The auction will be held on the Historic Wells Street Bridge unless the weather does not cooperated. In that event, the auction will be held under a tent. Each day this week through Saturday, two windows will be featured. The windows are available on the outsides of the buildings for viewing.

The Great Panes Glass Co.
1307 Wells Street

Artist – Judi Wire

Wildman Tattoos
1521 Wells Street

Artist – Ashton Prespentt

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