765 To Ride The Rails Again!

Exciting news from the Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society! The 765 will once again ride the rails, live and under steam! This will probably go down as one of the most eagerly anticipated events in recent Allen County history. The foamers, that’s geek-speak for railfans – of which I am one, have been, well, er, foaming ever since it was announced a couple of years ago that the 765 had been taken to Van Wert, Ohio and back a couple of times on a shake down run. For security reasons, that run was not publicized and not many learned about it only after it had been completed.

Personally, I’d much rather be trackside feeling the rush as the 765 bears down and then roars by at track speed than riding behind in a coach. Wait a second while I wipe the drool from my mouth (think Homer Simpson and donuts and except for the hair, that would be a pretty accurate mental picture of me). Anyway, this will be an exciting weekend for all!

Anway, without further ado, the details:

Historic Fort Wayne Locomotive To Attend National Festival

The Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society is pleased to announce its partnership with the Steam Railroading Institute to bring historic Nickel Plate Road steam locomotive no. 765 to Owosso, Michigan for TrainFestival 2009, a mainline celebration of railroading with a special emphasis on passenger excursions pulled by mighty steam locomotives.

More than 30,000 visitors are expected to visit Owosso, Michigan for TrainFestival 2009. Owosso is home of the Steam Railroading Institute, owner of sister locomotive Pere Marquette no. 1225, which in 1991 joined no. 765 in an unforgettable excursion that saw both locomotives operating in tandem passenger excursion service in the New River, West Virginia. 1225 and 765, built in 1941 and 1944 respectively, are two locomotives of the same “superpower” design as pioneered by the Lima Locomotive Works in Lima, Ohio. The “superpower” concept ushered in an era of breakthrough steam technology that emboldened the war effort and propelled railroads toward effective high-speed service.

Beginning July 24th, 2009 the 765 will be on live-steam display with a variety of visiting equipment, and operate a day long passenger excursion on July 26th. The possibility of additional operations during this three day event exists and details will be finalized in the coming months. TrainFestival will be held on the grounds of the Steam Railroading Institute July 24th-26th, 2009.

The Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society is excited to share in the celebration and work in collaboration with our Michigan colleagues. TrainFestival 2009 will no doubt be a highlight of next year’s operations.

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