2009 City Budget Available On-line

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The 2009 City of Fort Wayne Budget has been released to the Fort Wayne Common Council.  The various components of the budget are available on-line for citizen review here.  Let the debate begin!

Press Release from the City (link includes photo of Controller Pat Roller and the Mayor):

Mayor submits first budget to City Council
City’s 2009 balanced budget includes an increase of less than 1% over 2008

Mayor Tom Henry today sent City Council his 2009 budget document on Oct. 1. The $134 million plan is just a fraction over the total for the 2008 budget, though expenses are anticipated to be much higher in some areas, such as natural gas, gasoline and diesel fuel. Employees are slated to receive a 1.5% pay increase, which is about half what the typical increase has been for many years. Due to favorable experience, the city’s share of insurance costs will remain flat for 2009. Total headcount has been reduced by five positions in the 2009 budget.

“The City will face numerous challenges in the coming years,” said Mayor Henry. “While this budget is sound and solid, we owe a debt of gratitude to prior administrations and Councils for managing wisely, allowing us to go into 2009 with a balanced budget, something not all municipalities in the state are able to do.”

Mayor Henry went on to say that the real concerns occur when it’s time to look at 2010. The recent legislation which reduced property taxes for citizens also reduced revenue for governmental units. By 2010, without strong action, difficult decisions will have to be made about services, programs and positions to cut.

“This budget represents a lot of dedication and hard work on the part of Pat Roller, our controller,” said Mayor Henry, “and on the parts of each division and department head who understood what challenges we’re facing and did all they could to keep the budget flat. City employees are working hard to do more with less. The citizens of Fort Wayne are well-served by the employees who are squeezing every drop of utility they can from the resources available.”

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