Tax Abatement Primer

A second series of videos has been added to AFW on YouTube concerning Tax Abatements.  This series is tracking Councilwomen Liz Brown and Karen Goldner’s proposed changes to the City’s Tax Abatement ordinance and procedures.  

Today’s videos feature Elissa McGauley who is an Economic Development Specialist with the City of Fort Wayne.  She discusses Tax Abatements from what they are to how compliance is monitored.  Below is the play list for the videos.  Clicking play will play all videos in order.  A list of the videos is included below.


  1. Elissa McGauley Introduction
  2. What is Tax Abatement?
  3. What is eligible for Tax Abatement?
  4. Are there Residential Tax Abatements available?
  5. What if the property is not inside an Economic Revitalization Area?
  6. What is the process?
  7. Once approved by City Council, what else needs to be done?
  8. What does the City do to promote Tax Abatements?
  9. When does the business need to apply?
  10. What’s the current evaluation process?
  11. Final approval is granted by?
  12. How many Abatements end in Approval?
  13. What happens once the approval is given?
  14. How is compliance verified?
  15. Economic Development value of Abatements

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