Lincoln Statue Cleaning & 2 Trivia Bits

Friday afternoon, the Hoosier Youth Statue in front of Lincoln Financial Group on Harrison Street received a cleaning.  As you know, the statue was installed in 1932 and dedicated on September 16, 1932.  The statue has been well cared for and absolutely shines in the sunlight. 

I was recently contacted by The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, Missouri.  They are preparing for a re-installation of it’s American collection.  One of the works to be featured is a portrait bust of Abraham Lincoln prepared by Paul Manship as a study for the above statue.  They will be using one of my photos to show the finished statue in situ.

The conversation in arranging for the above photo reminded me that I have an original program from the Dedication Ceremony.  At some point over the next week, I will try to get this scanned and uploaded to the web.  In the meantime, here’s two pieces of trivia from the program (are you paying attention Joe?):

  1. “The key to Lincoln’s age as he appears in this bronze is found in the acorns scattered over the oak log on which he rests.  They number twenty-one.”
  2. “Mr. Manship purchased the hound dog reproduced in the group while in Kentucky, and took it to Paris where it was used as a living model.”

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