Informative Debate at the Health Care Summit

The Sept. 24 Health Care Summit was a health and health care awareness banner day with the health of the community on the radar. The Public 1, and cooperating organizations, health care symposium was a clinic on health and health care in the Fort Wayne-area and beyond.

This hybrid venue had a live program and future-broadcast setting with the “health of the community: past, present and future” as its theme. Over 50 attended, and the topics will be aired on Public Access Verizon 27 and Comcast 57 one topic at a time each week, beginning with the debate with Dr. Woody Myers, MD, Senior Advisor on Health Care to Sen. Barack Obama, Indiana State Representative Matt Bell for the Sen. John McCain campaign, and Julia Vaughn, Healthcare Consult for the Citizen Action Coalition.

Once this “must see” session is edited, it will be televised, and it was as good as it gets. The Obama Senior Advisor said: “We won’t see a national presidential debate on health care, and so we will do it right here in Fort Wayne.” And did they ever, but it turned out that this debate took an interesting path. It began with a debate between the Obama plan and the McCain plan. Once Julia Vaughn presented the Congressional Bill 676, Single Payor Plan, supported by Hoosiers for a CommonSense Health Plan, the Obama and McCain plans seemed so similar that they joined forces to debate the Single Payor Plan. This one alone is worth watching and will be arired before the Nov. 4 election.

All the speakers and panelists were top-notch quality informational, educational, and health awareness-oriented. It was a clinic and one that keeps health care on the public radar.



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