Request for Harrison Square Information Approved

Ok – do you have whiplash, like I do? lol

Karen Goldner submitted a comment to my earlier post regarding the denial for release of information regarding the Harrison Square project.  The information I requested will now be made available on Monday.  

The BRE/HC sheet given to the Redevelopment Commission, and the same one I requested to be released, has three parts.  Budget update on the ballpark, Hardball Capital contributions to-date and speculative information about possible additions/options for the ballpark.  

When I spoke with Greg Leatherman, Redevelopment Executive Director, shortly before Tuesday’s City Council meeting, he stated that the sheet would not be released because of the speculative information.  I responded that I totally agreed with that decision, but strongly felt the rest of it should be released as citizens deserved an update.  Especially, given the fact that BRE/HC has not begun construction on The Harrison, it was even more important for the community to know that they were keeping up that commitment (per a Definitive Agreement).  Greg responded that I had good points and that it would considered for the next time.

After considering this all week, and receiving the denial letter on Thursday, I decided to take a different approach and ask for the first two pieces of information listed above.  I also decided to file a complaint with the Indiana Public Access Counselor.  This morning, I woke up with a terrible headache and cold, thus it didn’t happen as I’d thought.  

Instead, I woke up to Karen’s comments – which was a good thing to wake up to.  I am glad the information will be released – and released in a timely fashion.  Look for a post on Monday concerning the information.  I really don’t expect any dire news, or surprises, but it should be interesting to know exactly what Hardball Capital has contributed.  If you wish to read the other posts in this topic, click here.

Chalk one up for the citizens!

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