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Ben Lanka in today’s Journal Gazette writes under the headline, $14 million investment brings rinks to north side:

[…] to develop a $14.1 million ice complex on the city’s north side.

The local company, 3 Sheets Development, LLC, plans to develop a 108,000 square-foot building at Wells Street and Fernhill Avenue, across from Glenbrook Commons. The building will include three sheets of ice, 12 locker rooms and other amenities, said Todd Ramsey, company spokesman.

[…] As part of the company’s agreement with the city, it will also take over management of the ice rink at McMillen Park. A city study in 2006 showed the city is in need of more ice space for multiple hockey teams and other skating needs.

Al Moll, city parks director, said having the company run the private and public rinks makes sense to keep them from competing against each other. Ramsey said having them both under one company, which likely will be Canlan Ice Sports Corp., will help with scheduling ice time.

Under the preliminary agreement, which was signed Monday, the city will shut down the older rink at McMillen Park next spring. Moll said the older rink eventually would require $2 million in repairs, and the city has no money for that. He said while the city has been able to operate the ice rink without dipping into tax dollars, he doubted that practice could continue.

The one thing I haven’t heard anyone mention is the impact of this on the immensely popular Headwaters Park Ice Rink that runs from the end of  November through February.  While Headwaters will always have that unique outdoor experience you won’t be able to get from a place like that being proposed by Ramsey and the City, opening a facility like this will still have an impact.  That impact could be favorable or unfavorable – only time will tell.

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