Board of Public Works – 9/17/2008

City of Fort Wayne Seal

The agenda for tomorrow’s Board of Public Works meeting may be downloaded here.  Of Harrison Square interest:

  • RECEIVE BIDS: Resolution #2092-2008, Harrison Square Phase 1B.
  • Approval of Reimbursement Agreement between the City of Fort Wayne and the Redevelopment Commission for Off Site Utility Installation costs associated with the Harrison Square development and adjacent areas.
  • Approval of Resolution #2098-2008, Harrison Square Offsite Phase II
  • Approval of Sanitary Sewer Contract #2008-S-06 between the City of Fort Wayne and the Redevelopment Commission to construct a local sanitary sewer system to serve Harrison Square Plaza.  The project is privately funded and located inside the City.

Posting of the Board of Public Works agendas on the City’s website are much appreciated.  However, one things remains to be added.  The time and location of the meetings.  This needed piece of information is not included on the page where the agendas are downloaded from, and is not listed on the agenda itself.  Instead, one has to go to the City’s calendar which is in the left sidebar on all pages.  If you click the appropriate date, the information will be displayed.  It would make things a lot easier to have the information in one place.

The meeting is tomorrow at 9 AM in the Omni Room on the 2nd Floor of the City County Building at 1 E. Main St.

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