DTV – Better??!!??

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Time for a rant.

Let me first say that I do not subscribe to Verizon’s FIOS for TV or any Comcast services.  I simply do not watch enough TV to justify the expense.

All I hear every time I watch TV is how much better DTV is going to be.  Well, guess what?  I don’t see it.  If you don’t have the antennae just right, the picture pixilates, the sound stops and everything comes to a halt. Before, if things weren’t tuned in just so, you’d get some static, but things didn’t come to a dead-silent halt.  What makes it worse, is that every station seems to have it’s own preferred antenna position.  I live by St. Joesph Hospital, on the 7th floor in the Northeast corner of the building.  I have a clear sightline of 15, 21/33 and 55’s towers – doesn’t seem to make a difference.  What works for 15 doesn’t work for any other same with the other channels.

Truthfully, I don’t watch much of what is on.  I usually have it on for background noise, so the picture pixilating isn’t a big deal.  But the silence?  And it usually happens at the most inopportune moment. Like when I’m watching Jeopardy!.  I have missed hearing so many answers that I don’t even tempt myself by tuning in.

Actually, the more I think this through, perhaps it’s a conspiracy to get us die-hards who refuse to pay for television to break down and pay for television.

Is DTV really better?  Take a moment and vote in this poll – let me know if I’m alone or need another psychiatric evaluation!

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