Video From The Last Wizards Game at Memorial Stadium

I have posted 18 video clips from the last Wizards Game at Memorial Stadium.  Unfortunately, when I went to caption them with the appropriate team member names, but couldn’t match jersey numbers with the roster listing on the Wizards website.  (Same thing with the South Bend side of it.)  They were out of programs that night at the stadium, so I’m out of luck.  Chad Gramling over at Baseball in Fort Wayne kindly offered to help out, but it seemed like too much effort for the pay off.  If you do happen to spot a player that you absolutely know, let me know and I will add the description to the video/photo. Â

Speaking of Chad Gramling, he has posted a vignette to the last game played at Memorial Stadium entitled, Last Song For Memorial Stadium.


  1. Okay, I finally got around to cataloging my photos from the last game. Here is the breakdown of players who appeared in the game from both sides:

    Wizards: Chaulk (8), Payne (3), Zawadski (5), Carrasco (10), Carroll (25), Zornes (27), Parrino (7), Contreras (15), Perry (29), Pelzer (13), Guitierrez (22), Breit (18), Axelrod (19), Quezada (30), Brown (9).

    Silverhawks: Linton (16), Cowgill (8), Harbin (6), White (9), Coughlin (25), BAtten (3), Walker (11), Wheelers (26), Rumbler (2), Oxendine (13), Parker (32), Norberto (21), Shaw (19)

    These are the players that appeared in the game. If you have some pre-game/postgame or dugout shots of other players, you might need to look those up, but this should give you what you need for the most part.

    BTW: Thanks for linking “The Last Song” post/video.


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