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According to the News-Sentinel, the Allen County Commissioners have approved the ATOS Origin IT contract.  You may read the article here. 

Both newspapers have published articles this week concerning Clifford Clarke’s absence as the City’s CTO.  Both call it a mutually agreed upon, “Leave of Absence”.  The City is very tight-lipped about the details of the leave.  Ben Lanka in an article dated August 29, 2008 reports that:

Fort Wayne’s information technology director was placed on administrative leave just hours after the City Council approved hiring a French company to serve as the city’s IT contractor.

[..] Henry said the decision to put Clarke on leave was mutual. He said Clarke will remain on leave until the city determines the future of the position. He declined to release more details, saying it was a personnel matter. Clarke could not be reached for comment Thursday.

[…] Henry said if the position is vacated, it could be time to discuss hiring a joint IT director for the city and county.

It would only make sense to combine the department into one.  But even more striking is new timeline suggested by this article.  He was still in the City’s employ, but did not attend the meeting? 

Ben Lanka’s article on the final vote may be found here.  The final vote was 7-0.  Councilman Mitch Harper’s final vote changed from no to yes stating that he’d made his objections during the discussion.  Councilman Tim Papehad left after the committee session and was not in place for the final vote.  Councilwoman Karen Goldner was in Denver Colorado for the Democrat’s National Convention.

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