ATOS IT Contract Approved; The Eliminator; Lloy Ball Rally

The Fort Wayne City Council in Regular Session

ATOS Origin IT Contract

In tonight’s City Council meeting, the ATOS Origin IT Contract was passed.  The ordinance was passed out of committee with a 6-2 vote.  Councilmen Mitch Harper and Tim Pape voted no.  I was out of the room and missed most of the final vote so I cannot give you a certain final vote.  However, I believe I heard Mitch Harper state that he’d made his objections in committee and would now vote yes.  Karen Goldner is at the Democratic National Convention and of course did not vote.  Also missing was Clifford Clarke, Fort Wayne CTO.  Hopes were expressed by the Council that local jobs would not be lost.  In tonight’s audience was former City Councilman Dr. John Crawford – a strong supporter of the IT contract.

The Eliminator

Dave Gross of Collision Control Communications, Inc., gave a presentation entitled, “Emergency Responding”.  The presentation dealt with The Eliminator which changes traffic lights to give responding emergency vehicles green lights and also protects against collision between these same responders (A very simple summary).  Mr. Gross was kind enough to email his power point presentation to me.  Look for it on the blog later this week along with audio of the presentation.  Indiana Senator Tom Wyss was also at Mr. Gross’s side.  Senator Wyss was instrumental in the system’s implementation in Indianapolis.

Lloy Ball, photo from the website.

Lloy Ball Rally

Announced during the City Council meeting and also on the City’s Website:

Rally noon Thursday to welcome home Lloy Ball

Mayor Tom Henry invites the public to a rally at noon Thursday on the south plaza of the City-County Building (in front of Main Street) to welcome home gold medal-winner and USA Men’s Volleyball team member Lloy Ball, a native of Woodburn and former IPFW men’s volleyball team mamber.

Allen County Commissioners Linda Bloom and Bill Brown, representatives from IPFW and members of the Ball family are scheduled to attend. Attendees are welcome to bring signs congratulating Ball on his achievements as a four-time Olympian.

The above photo of Lloy Ball is NOT the property of, but from this page on the USA Volleyball website.

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  1. RE: ATOS Contract

    Remember the guy that wouldn’t give a straight answer to Tim Pape last week?

    Try calling hs office today!!! That’s why he was not at the meeting last night!

    It just gets better!!!!!


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